New Fence Installation

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New Fence Installation

Fences are a great addition to your property. Fences can add privacy and security to your property. When installed and maintained properly a fence can last many years, providing benefits for years. Building a fence on your own can be a daunting task, that’s why Cascade Lawn Care is ready to help you with your new fence project!

Some Considerations:

The durability of your fence relies heavily on the type of material you use to build it. Some materials are better suited to withstand our climate than others. For example cedar is moisture and pest resistant. If cared for properly cedar can last for decades. Other good options include pressure treated lumber, metal or hardwoods (such as ipe or tigerwood). Just remember, whatever material you choose, regular maintenance will extend the life of your investment for many years!

Using the right hardware is sometimes an overlooked step when planning your project. The best hardware to use when constructing your fence is usually either stainless or powder coated/painted metal. Galvanized can be used as well, however it tends to bleed when on lighter colored wood.

There are many different ways to install posts. This can vary as well depending on what type of post is being used. Typically most posts will be installed directly into a concrete footing. When installing posts, they should be at least 18-24″ deep. One mistake that is commonly made when installing posts is not pitching the concrete so that water runs away from the post. If water is allowed to collect around the post it will shorten the life of your fence leading to costly repairs sooner than necessary. Another thing that will rot out your posts faster is soil or mulch that has been placed in contact with the post.

Don't Settle for a Just Any Fence!

We will work with you to design your new fence. Whether you want it built out of cedar or would prefer an exotic hardwood. We can source the materials to build you the fence of your dreams. Not sure what kind you want? We can design one based on your criteria!

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