Crestline Dr

Job: concrete removal, landscape edging, sod, rock installation, irrigation installation

When we started this job half of the backyard was concrete and this was not working for the client. Our client needed a space their young daughters and their dog could utilize. Our client wanted to remove about 500 sqft of concrete and replace it with sod. Once the concrete was removed we would need to install irrigation in the spot where the concrete was. We would also install rock and aluminum edging.

The concrete removal on this job turned out to be a much bigger task than anticipated. Initially we had thought that the concrete patio was made up of multiple individual slabs, but it turned out that these individual slabs had rebar running through them. This meant that we had to locate and cut the rebar in each slab to free it from the whole patio. The original plan of removing each slab one piece at a time had to be changed.

Once the concrete was out we had to install about 10 new sprinkler heads to water the new lawn. We installed the new heads on the existing system and tuned the coverage to make sure that we had adequate water coverage. With the new sprinklers in place we were ready for the sod.

Our client wanted to replace their bark with colored rock. The rock they decided on was the Montana round stone from Northstar Stone. To keep the rock out of the lawn and to make maintenance easier we installed Duraflex aluminum edging. The advantage of this edging is that unlike plastic edging it is very low profile, meaning that it’s not as noticeable, creating a crisp, clean border between the lawn and the beds. Also because it’s aluminum it won’t rust or rot like other edging materials.

If you have a job like this, we would love to work with you. We have experience with concrete removal and installation too. If you need a patio, sidewalk or driveway removed we can do it. We will put your yard back together better than before too!