A Different Approach to Business

I founded Cascade Lawn Care with one intent: Provide the best service around.

What does this mean to me? It means that rather than focusing purely on growth and sales, I would rather focus on the service I provide.There are many elements required to do this but the most important are:

  1. Hire people based on their values rather than solely their experience
  2. Train my employees how to best perform the job for the best results
  3. Provide my employees with the best equipment so that they can perform at their highest level

By focusing on these elements I can build a company that provides the best services around.

How Does This Set Us Apart?

Most businesses are focused solely on growth and can not hire fast enough to keep up with their sales. As a result they have to hire anyone and everyone to try to get the job done. When that happens you lose quality and customer service. I believe that this also leads to less repeat customers, which is what really makes a successful business.

My goal is to build strong client relationships that allow me to maintain the same client base for years to come. I want to provide a service to my clients that they won’t have a second thought recommending to their friends and family.

Mission Statement:

Cascade Lawn Care does not exist to give less service to more clients, but to give more service to less clients. Rather than focus on growing a large tree with little fruit, CLC would rather grow a little tree with large fruit. By focusing energy on producing meaningful client relationships, valuable service and meaningful careers, CLC won’t have the biggest footprint, but rather the deepest footprint, leaving a lasting mark for years to come

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