A Different Approach to Business

I originally started Cascade Lawn Care in 2010. I always had big dreams of being one of those big companies that has lots of trucks, tools and employees. After a few years of trying to make it big, buying new tools, hiring people and taking on more work than I could handle on my own I realized that I couldn’t possibly provide the level of service I wanted to provide to my clients and have the “business of my dreams.” At the end of 2017 I decided that it was time to take a break so that I could reinvent my business and start again with a clean slate. After a couple years of reflection I decided that it is time to continue my mission, however I am taking a different approach.

Hind Sight is 20/20 and It's the Year 2020

This time around I have decided to focus on providing the best service I can rather than providing services to the most people I can. I feel that this approach will be the most rewarding for my clients, my future employees, and myself. One of the biggest challenges I faced in the past was that I had too much work all the time. Now, it’s good to be busy, but it’s even better to be able to keep up with the work. Rather than giving more time to less clients, I was giving less time to more clients. I feel that the there are many other landscapers out there that are faced with the same predicament I was: What clients do you give your time to, and how do you get all the work done without losing clients?

After taking some time off and working in another industry for a couple years, I feel that I have the clarity to see a better way forward. I envision a business in which I can give my clients the best possible service, and spend more time on each of their properties rather than trying to get as many clients as I can and spending less time on their jobs. It’s the year 2020, and I’m operating my business with 20/20 vision.

Mission Statement:

Cascade Lawn Care does not exist to give less service to more clients, but to give more service to less clients. Rather than focus on growing a large tree with little fruit, CLC would rather grow a little tree with large fruit. By focusing energy on producing meaningful client relationships, valuable service and meaningful careers, CLC won’t have the biggest footprint, but rather the deepest footprint, leaving a lasting mark for years to come

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