Lawn Mowing

Cascade Lawn Care has been in the business of lawn mowing  since 2010. We have earned a solid reputation of quality. Crisp edges. Straight lines. Reliable service. These are only a few of the reasons why our clients prefer us.

The Science of Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing. It seems simple enough. But it requires some science to get it right. That’s why our staff is well trained in how to provide the best results. We won’t keep it a secret though. If you want a picture perfect lawn, it starts with the mower.

We believe that taking care of your lawn starts before we leave the shop. To provide the best services we must take care of our equipment. Clean decks. Sharp blades. And a finely tuned emgine. That’s why our mowers provide the best results day in and day out. That’s our secret.

How do we leave your yard looking so good? Our staff is trained in the art of lawn mowing. We start by selecting the mow height. Typically between 2 and 3″. This is determined by how flat your yard is. What type of grass you have. And of course your preference. Another trick is that we never mow the same direction twice. Doing so causes the grass to lay down and not get cut.


What if it rains? We are still able to mow in most conditions. If the rain becomes too heavy then we will delay services until the rain passes. Once the rain passes we continue our schedule in the same order as before. If this causes us to miss you on your regular day, your lawn will be mowed the following day in the same order.

Lawn mowing, aeration, fertilizer When you trust your lawn with us you won’t be let down. Your lawn will be mowed. Trimmed. And edged. Every week, you can count on us to show up. Every week you can expect consistent results. You can enjoy your weekends and evenings when you leave the mowing to us.