Commercial Landscaping

If you are looking for a company who can reliably and safely maintain your commercial landscape, then you found the right contractor. Cascade Lawn Care understands the difference between residential and commercial landscaping. What is the difference? Commercial landscaping poses many unique challenges that aren’t found in residential landscaping. These challenges include scheduling, consumer traffic and reliability. Let’s explore these differences.


You need to find a commercial landscaping contractor who can maintain a schedule. You don’t want to have your landscaper interrupting business. How do you avoid this and still maintain your property? You need to hire a landscaper who can schedule around your schedule. It is difficult to do this, but if you hire the right company they can work with you to time things out best. For example if your busy time is around noon, you need a landscaper who can finish the job before noon.

You will also want to consider your commercial landscaping contractor’s ability to maintain a consistent schedule. You don’t want your property to look neglected. Timing is very important from a maintenance perspective. You need to know that your company will be there on the same day every week so that your landscape doesn’t look to shaggy. Generally this is once a week for beds, lawns and parking lots.


Working on a commercial site is much different than a residential site. You have customers coming and going, and there is an inherent risk in having people in your work area. This is why you have to have a contractor who understands this. You need a contractor who will set boundaries around their work area when necessary. Your contractor must be conscientious of their surroundings. The job has to be done, but if your contractor isn’t cautious when working in the same space as your customers it can spell disaster.

We train our crews to exercise caution when working on commercial properties. We train then to watch out for pedestrians when operating equipment. It’s very important to have competent crew when working around cars and pedestrians. The last thing you want is to have your customer upset with you because their car got covered in grass clippings, or worse their window got broken. Our crews work to avoid potential hazards. If we can’t work in a particular spot we keep moving and come back to it when there are no more obstructions. If the unspeakable does happen, we are properly insured to protect you and your customers from damages that have occurred.

Commercial Landscaping Why We Are Different

You need a contractor to maintain your property who won’t cut corners. You want to get what you are paying for. Sometimes it is difficult for you to take time from you busy schedule and inspect your property. You may not get to do a walk around of your property every time your contractor leaves. As a result, you may not be getting what you pay for. Many contractors count on this. We are different. When you contract us to do a job we will follow through with every step. If the job is a multi day job we will keep you informed of our progress. It’s all about integrity.

If you are a property manager your reputation depends on the contractors you hire to service your clients’ properties. That is why you can depend on us for the task. We maintain the highest standards and hire only the best. If your tenants aren’t happy with the contractors that work around their homes/businesses this will reflect poorly on you. Don’t let your reputation depend on the wrong crew. Our crews are considerate and detail oriented, two qualities that are hard to find individually, even harder to find in combination.

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