Yard Cleanup

You just worked a long work week and now it’s time to relax. Maybe even have a BBQ with a couple friends in the backyard. But wait! You haven’t been in the backyard for at least a week. There are leaves cluttering your patio and the shrubs are blocking the backdoor. You can’t invite your friends over to a jungle. What will you do?

We Will Do Your Yard Cleanup

Don’t pick up that noisy trimmer, and don’t bother trying to dispose of all that waste. It won’t fit in the trunk of your sedan. Instead give Cascade Lawn Care a call! We can do your yard cleanup for you. Let’s re-imagine this scenario. You come home after a busy week and now it’s time to relax. You walk out the backdoor and and breathe a sigh of relief. There’s not a fallen leaf or branch in sight. The shrubs are perfectly trimmed just how you like. You don’t even have to drag the waste bin to the curb. Your friends show up and ask “Wow, your yard is so clean how long did this take?!?!” You reply “All day” but you know your secret, you called Cascade Lawn Care to do your yard cleanup.

We Don’t Judge

When you call us to do your yard cleanup we won’t judge its current condition. Instead we will show up ready to haul away all the leaves and branches you can throw at us. We have the tools and equipment to make light work of even the most difficult yard chores. Contact us today to let us show you how we can transform your space.