Shrub Trimming

Shrubs before shrub trimming, Bellingham WAWell manicured shrubs are a very nice feature. But shrub trimming is such a pain! You have to break out the extension cord and try not to trip yourself up in it. And if you can’t reach the top of your shrubs, well now you need a ladder. Add the ladder to the extension cord dilemma and now we’re talking about a big task… But if you call Cascade Lawn Care perfectly trimmed shrubs are only a phone call away. Leave your shrub trimming job to us and we will turn your yard into a work of art.

Why Have Shrub Trimming Done By A Professional?

After shrub trimming in Bellingham WA. Why mess around getting tripped up in an extension cord on your hard earned weekend when you can call in the professionals to do the job for you? When you call in the pros they know exactly what to do. We know how to properly trim each type of shrub that you have on your property. We know when to use our gas trimmers and when to use hand pruners. Plus when we are done we can carry all of the debris away for you, meaning you save time waiting in line to dump the waste yourself. We know how to shape your shrubs so they look their best.

Save yourself the hassle of trimming your own shrubs and hauling away the debris. Let the experts at Cascade Lawn Care help you! Contact us today for your free estimate!