Is your lawn suffering from poor drainage, hard soil, or bare patches of lawn? Maybe your grass isn’t looking awesome even though you have fertilized it… This can be frustrating. We have the solution! Your lawn needs to be aerated. What is aeration? Why does your lawn need to be aerated?

What is aeration?

When you aerated your lawn what you are doing is removing a bunch of little cores from the lawn. By removing these cores (also called plugs), you are making way for air, water and nutrients to enter the soil. This is important because your lawn gets its water and nutrients from it’s roots. If the soil in your lawn is hard it is very likely that your efforts to feed and water your lawn are going to waste. If your water and nutrients can’t penetrate the soil you will experience runoff. This means your water and fertilizer is going to waste.

What to expect?

After we aerate your lawn there will be lots of little cores left on the surface of your lawn. You don’t need to worry though, these cores will dissolve into the soil over the next couple weeks. If you hire us to fertilize your lawn at the same time, your lawn will be a dark, rich green. If you fertilize your lawn yourself the results will be in your hands. We suggest that you fertilize immediately after we finish the job in order to give your lawn the nutrients it needs.