Retaining Walls

Composition consisting of a retaining wall with a cutout in the middle of the construction stage

Retaining Walls Increase Usable Space

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful terrain. However, this beauty comes at a cost. Much of the land where we live is rough and uneven. This often results in having a yard that is difficult to enjoy to its fullest. If your yard is steep and uneven, a retaining wall will help to add usable space and value to your property.

What Types of Retaining Walls Are There?

We can build you many different types of retaining wall. There are all sorts of options, from boulder walls to retaining block walls. Walls built from natural stones or retaining wall blocks are great choices due to their ease of installation and longevity.  Block walls don’t have to be boring. Poured concrete walls can be a good option in the right scenario, and they can even have stone veneers put on them to enhance their look. Another option is a timber wall, however we don’t recommend these as they do not last as long as concrete or stone walls.

Load Bearing Walls

If you are planning to put parking, or a structure on top of your new retaining wall, special consideration will need to be made. Since structures and vehicles will add weight above your wall, you will need to engineer it to support the weight.

Are You Ready to Start Planning Your Wall Project?​

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