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Lawn Care Is In Our Name!

While we provide a diverse range of landscaping services, lawn mowing is our top service. We have been providing lawn care services to clients in Bellingham since 2010. Our mission is to provide the best lawn services in Whatcom County. Are you ready to take your lawn’s care to the next level?

Detail Oriented

Our basic lawn mowing service is more than basic. We always include trimming and edging in our pricing. This includes edging around beds and concrete as needed to maintain a crisp edge. We always trim along fence lines, driveways, etc to provide a finished look. And to complete the job we always blow away any debris we may have gotten on your driveways/patios/walkways. It’s the little details that make a big difference.

Professional Technique

There’s a right way to mow a lawn, and a wrong way. That’s what we believe. We are professionals and use professional techniques to always provide a consistent, quality finish. Amateur techniques, such as the spiral cut, or using the same pattern week after week, look bad, and can lead to ruts in your lawn. Our professional techniques set our service aside from the other lawn companies.

Proper Care

We know what it takes to keep your lawn looking it’s best year round. Besides lawn mowing, we offer a wide range of other lawn and landscape services. We provide aeration services, fertilizer services, and irrigation services to keep your lawn healthy. If your lawn is in need of some extra love, we also offer lawn renovation services to recreate that perfect lawn you dream of. Whether it’s keeping your lawn healthy, or establishing a new lawn, we can handle it!

Ready for the Next Step?

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We offer a comprehensive range of landscape services to keep your yard looking its best year round. Check out our services page to learn about what other services we provide!