Ava Ln

Job: landscape design, sod, landscape edging, paver patio, garden walls, mulch, rock, planting

When the client first approached us about this job they were still living out of state. As the client was moving in they wanted to setup the backyard to suit their needs. We spent a lot of time going back and forth discussing the overall project, and finally settled on a design for the backyard. The final design featured two patio areas, a new bed layout, a raised tree ring, and a two tier garden bed.

We started with an essentially blank canvas in the backyard. There were only two trees and a couple of new trellises. This made designing the job easier because we only had to design around the two trees, the two trellises and the house. Starting with a blank canvas also made the construction process much easier too.

We started this job by excavating 10″ of soil for each patio area, and 6″ of soil for the garden walls. Once the soil was excavated we were able to back fill and compact gravel base material for both patio areas and for the garden walls. With the base in place we were able to install our pavers. For this project we used Belgard Urbana Victorian pavers from Northstar Stone. These pavers have a nice textured face on them and have a nice color to them too. For the walls we used Sandalwood Garden Wallscapes with caps.

Once the walls were built we filled the new beds with topsoil. We also installed new sod along with 3″ of topsoil beneath all of the new sod. To separate the sod from the beds we installed concrete edging stones. The edging stones we used lock together but are still able to make nice curves. They rest flush with the sod and the mulch in the beds so that they just make a nice outline rather than sticking up above the ground.

If you need help designing and installing your new yard, contact us. We can help you from beginning to end. We can do any hardscape work that you need done. Whether you need a simple garden bed, or a full on retaining wall we can help you pick out quality materials and install it. We can do paver or concrete patios as well. Let us know what you need and we can do it!