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What’s it take to grow a healthy lawn?

A perfect lawn with no weeds or moss!

How do you get a perfect lawn?

The short answer? Lots of hard work! But, what kind of hard work? Like all great successes, a great lawn starts with a great plan. Let’s take a look at some of the items you’ll want to consider before you begin your journey:

Why aren’t you happy with your lawn?

Before starting your journey to the lawn of your dreams, you’ll first need to decide why you are dissatisfied with your lawn now. Is it full of moss? Is it really sparse? Or maybe there’s puddles in parts of your lawn when it rains? The list of lawn problems goes on, but no matter what problems your lawn has, we will need to take a systematic approach to resolving these issues.

Consider environmental factors:

Perhaps the area you’re trying to grow a lawn in, just isn’t suited for a lawn. Some things to consider: Are you in a densely wooded area where the sun only makes it to your lawn for a couple hours a day? Is the lawn on a hill side with rocky soil underneath? Is the lawn in wetlands? All of these things can effect your lawns ability to grow and become the picture perfect turf you dream of.

Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia is world famous for hosting the Masters Tournament every spring.

If environmental factors are the reason you can’t grow a lawn that looks like Augusta, you’ll need to decide if these factors can be changed or compensated for. If they can, at what cost? Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars to have a professional arborist remove old growth trees from your backyard? Is it worth the cost of bringing in tons of soil treatments to amend your current soil? Sometimes it’s much more reasonable to consider other options and use this setback as an opportunity to get creative. If on the other hand it’s not an immovable mountain that’s standing between you and your dream lawn, keep reading.

A greener tomorrow is possible!

Now that we’ve determined that it is possible to grow the perfect lawn let’s discuss what it will take. As previously mentioned it will require some hard work, but it will also require patience. Rome wasn’t built overnight and grass doesn’t grow over night either.

The trick to having that beautiful lawn that you desire is to grow as much grass as you can. I know this sounds obvious, but hang in there! Growing a perfect green is a war. It’s a war against the weeds, the moss, the weather and the soil. We’re a bit out numbered by our enemies, but we will prevail! I’ve been working on Whatcom lawns my whole career, I know what it takes to transform your lawn and will share my secrets with you.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll continue this discussion soon when we look at one of our worst enemies… MOSS!

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