Building a Retaining Wall

Building a Retaining Wall

If you are building a retaining wall, you have most likely already considered your options. But have you considered building a decorative wall? Retaining walls don’t have to be big boring concrete masses. In fact there are many decorative blocks out there that you can use to add interest to your wall.

What Are Decorative Retaining Walls?

Decorative walls are built with function and aesthetics in mind. The types of blocks you can use to build your wall will depend on the height of the wall and the load it will bear. Decorative walls can be built using blocks with different faces on them. Building a retaining wall with blocks that have patterned faces on them can give you a unique look. Another way to make a wall more aesthetically pleasing is to include patterns.

Two tiered retaining wall

You Can Build a Retaining Wall With Decorative Blocks

Decorative walls can be built the same as other types of walls. Since they are built using the same techniques and materials as other types of block walls, they can be used in the same settings. The biggest advantage of decorative walls is that they look better than traditional block walls. This aesthetic comes at a cost though. Building a retaining wall with specialty blocks requires more labor. Stylized blocks often cost more per square foot than basic blocks. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you should compare the cost of a decorative wall with a basic wall.

Types of Blocks to Consider:

These blocks have a unique texture front that resembles chiseled stone. They can be used for both retaining walls or freestanding walls. For more info click here.

These blocks by Allan Block have a timeless look to them. They are made for building patterned walls. Check them out here.

The Belair Wall 2.0 has a great natural stone look. It can be used for building retaining walls or freestanding walls. Check it out here.