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Pumpkin Spice Season

Fall is the season of pumpkin spice lattes (and everything else pumpkin spice) and football. The kids are back in school and the days are getting shorter. The bears are going into hibernation and so is your yard. But is your yard ready? Aside from cleaning up the leaves off your lawn and beds, here is a list of items to keep your yard looking good all winter:

The Lawn

By this time of year your lawn’s growth rate has slowed tremendously, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need any maintenance. While the fall may mean you need to mow less there are a few things you can do to keep your lawn looking great all winter and be ready to go come spring time:

  1. Fertilize/Lime: Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will give it the food it needs to stay green and healthy all winter long. Fall fertilizers also help to promote root growth so that your lawn will be healthier and greener come spring. Applying lime in the fall gives it all winter to be worked into the soil. Applying lime helps to adjust the pH level of your soil. If your soil is acidic you should apply lime, since grass grows best in neutral soils. Another benefit is that moss prefers acidic soils and changing the pH level of your soil can help prevent moss infestations. 
  2. Aeration: Aerating your lawn in the fall is a good idea because it helps with drainage. Aerating in conjunction with fertilizer or lime will also help your lawn to utilize the fertilizer better. 
  3. Seeding: Seeding your lawn in early fall will help fill in sparse areas or patches in your lawn. The morning dew and rain showers will help to keep your new seed moist until it germinates. The warm soil temperatures will also help seed to fill in.


    As the season winds down your shrubs and trees will also require some attention. 

    1. Thinning: As deciduous trees and shrubs lose there leaves it makes pruning much easier. Thinning and removing dead wood is much easier once the leaves have fallen. Thinning and removing dead wood is good for your shrubs and trees because it makes room for new growth and focuses the new growth on the outside. 
    2. Trimming Perennials: Some plants need to be cut down each year to allow for new growth in the spring. These plants should be cut back in the fall to keep them healthy and looking great year after year. 


    Your irrigation system needs fall maintenance too. It should have the water shutoff and be winterized. Winterizing your irrigation system requires using a high CFM commercial air compressor to blow out all the water in your system. This is very important to prevent water from freezing in the lines and bursting pipes. 

    Need help?

    If you need help with any items on your Fall checklist we are here to help you. Contact us today and we will give you an estimate for your Fall cleanup. We can simply clean all the fallen leaves in your yard, or we can prepare your whole yard for the winter. Let us know what you need.