3 Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

3 Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Spring is a very exciting time of year! It’s the time of year when the air starts getting warmer, and you can feel that winter will soon be behind us. As you look at the trees and shrubs in your garden you start to see buds and nodes as they prepare to put on a spectacle that only nature can birth. The days are getting longer, and soon the dark dreary days of winter will be behind us.

This begs a question, is your yard ready for spring? I have prepared a short list of 3 items to consider to prepare your yard for spring. Please read on to learn more.

1. Spring Cleaning

More than a cliche, this is a real thing. Spend some time cleaning your yard before spring gets here. You will want to pickup any branches or leaves that have blown in over the winter. It’s important to do this now because it will make room for any annuals or perennials to come up when it’s their time. It will also make it much easier to mow the first time of the season as there won’t be so much debris to cleanup first.

2. Final Winter Pruning

This is your last chance to get to some winter pruning of your shrubs/small trees. For deciduous plants this is a great time to get into the middle and thin them out as needed. Many of your shrubs will be full of growth nodes, making it very easy to find places to make cuts.


3. Mulch

This is a great time of year to apply a fresh coat of mulch to your beds. Many of your plants are dormant making it easier to work around them. It’s also a great time to put mulch down because there won’t be many weeds, and any small seedlings can be suffocated by the mulch.


If you found this list helpful, or have anything to add to it, please comment below! If you know someone who would benefit from reading this list please share it with them. Thank you for reading!

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