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A large paver style patio in Whatcom County

What Is an "Outdoor Living Space?"

2021 is here, and so is outdoor living. What exactly is “outdoor living?” You have probably been hearing this term thrown around a lot recently. Especially in regards to new home improvement trends that have been driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. To sum it up, an outdoor living space is an outdoor space that has been enhanced to make your time outside as enjoyable as possible.

Here Are Some Examples of This Type of Space:

Decks: A nice deck makes for a great entertaining space. Especially a deck that is large enough to support a small gathering of friends (who are practicing social distancing of course!). You have many different deck designs to choose from. I’m not going to cover those here. Decks are a great place to spend those long summer evenings. Decks are great because they can be covered with an awning that is attached to your house. Adding an awning truly making them an extension of your home.

Patios: Patios are a great choice for an outdoor entertaining area. You can have a lot of fun with a patio too. You can do, concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, flagstones, or a combo of any of these. Done correctly, a patio can last a life time with little to no maintenance. If you want a hot tub a patio is a great place to put it.

Outdoor Kitchens: Outdoor kitchens provide you with a space to prepare a meal in the great outdoors. Think about it, cooking has brought people together for millennia. By adding an outdoor kitchen to your home you will be adding a safe place to have friends and family over to cook a great meal outside.

Why an Outdoor Living Space?

An outdoor living space is a great place to bring friends together in the outdoors. The CDC recommends that if you have gatherings during the pandemic that you do it outside. Therefore, adding an outdoor living space provides you with a place to safely entertain. Besides the short term value of adding this space, you are investing in the long term value of your home. But, I think the best reason to add this type of space to your home is that it will give you an excuse to spend more time outside!

A custom outdoor living space in Bellingham WA

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