Covid-19 Update

After sharing some exciting news that I am rebooting Cascade Lawn Care, there was a development in the covid situation. Starting tonight there is a statewide quarantine and only essential businesses are allowed to operate during this quarantine. I have checked into the statewide quarantine regarding whether my business qualifies as essential or not. It’s really fuzzy at this time, but I have requested a clarification/exclusion. I’m hoping to be able to continue providing services during this unprecedented time. Once I confirm whether or not I can continue providing services I will update everyone. In the meantime here is my policy going forward:

  • Client contact must be limited to zero. I will still accept new clients during this time, however estimates must be done either via FaceTime or over the phone. I can still do onsite estimates, however I request that we not speak in person, other than through a window or screen door. I did an estimate like this today, which I will admit is very awkward, but is necessary at this time.
  • I will not knock on your door when I arrive to perform your services. I will send you a text to let you know I have arrived.
  • If I perform a service that needs your review upon completion, I will call you and wait in my truck while you inspect the work, then if there are any clarifications I will perform them while you’re inside.
  • Payments can be placed in a ziplock bag under your doormat, or another designated safe location. I will do the same with business cards. Other documentation (estimates, invoices, etc.) will be sent via e-mail.

While part of what I enjoy about this work is personal time with my clients, it’s not the best practice at this time. I look forward to when this time is over and hope the impact is minimal. Please remember to be safe: keep trips to the store to a minimum, wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and wash them often, don’t touch your face, and practice social distancing! If we all do our part we can make this go away sooner!